BLUSH Fashion Masquerade | Behind The Mask

by Amber Elle

The masks are on and the mystique is high at the Russell Industrial Center. The BLUSH Fashion Masquerade has begun and the anticipation is high to see the collection from the featured local designers Basha Boyd and Herman Marbury. 

“The vision for the show is mystery, imagination, and fashion” said Geneva, co-producer of BLUSH Fashion Masquerade. BLUSH is an organization dedicated to showcasing local fashion. Michelle Bundy, producer of BLUSH started the organization because she wanted to provide something to the Michigan fashion market that would connect local designers with people who would buy their product. This is the second showcase for BLUSH and instead of being just another fashion show they wanted to create an experience by encouraging attendees to not only observe the show but to be apart of it by dressing in masquerade attire.

Designer Basha Boyd debuted his first collection at the Fashion Masquerade. His self titled collection is inspired by life experiences. He is inspired by simplicity and designers such as Vera Wang. His collection featured looks for multiple occasions and pieces make the woman feel independent and the man feel special. 

The Basha Boyd collection featured glitzy pieces as well as relaxed ones. Basha said he tries to make comfortable clothes as well as ones that are “go-get-em” pieces to be relatable to a variety of consumers and styles. 

The Ravage collection by Herman Marbury was inspired by James Bond and embracing your inner secret agent. The collection aims to inspire you to take risks and defy the norm. Herman says his pieces are not for the wife they are for the mistress. He wants women to embrace their sexuality and be confident in who they are. Confidence is an important message that he shares through his pieces because it is something he had to gain as a designer.

Michelle Bundy, producer of the show was refreshed and fulfilled because she saw attendees asking designers where they could purchase pieces, and that is one of the main goals of the organization. As the show came to an end both designers and producers were relieved and proud not only because they were able to showcase their talents but because they were able to be apart of something larger than themselves. BLUSH Fashion Masquerade, Behind The Mask unveiled talented local designers and an audience that is eager to see and purchase their collections.


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Herman Marbury

Posted on December 8, 2015 .