Detroit Seasons

By Jessica Reed

On the city's west side,
Summer scents of blackened charcoal watered my mouth in hunger for hot dogs perfectly grilled, burnt on top.
My stomach danced to Mr. Softy’s childish jukebox,
kids on my block hustled for $1 passports to ice cream dreams.
Nothing stung like the buzz of the ice cream truck
passing us up ‘cause our shouts were unheard, hands waving into fading hopes,
rising again
when the next truck came...

Posted on October 16, 2017 .

Love: A Conversation

He said to me "why are you so beautiful"

I said "because you love me"

He looked at me and smiled

"Everyday I love you more and everyday you get more beautiful"

"You motivate me baby. I feel power in the love I get from you"

"You do the same for me my love." He gazed away

"Are you afraid" I asked  

"Sometimes I think you're too good to be true"

"We all search for what we deserve, but seldom do we feel deserving when we receive it."

"Do you think we're soul mates" he quickly replied

"Sometimes I wonder how I lived without you. How I got through my darkest days without your love. But I think it was so I could make my way to you"

"How could we both possibly feel the same way?"

I wondered the same thing

"I don't know why I'm here with you but I know I'm supposed to"

He smiled and kissed my lips so sweetly.

Everytime we kissed it felt like the first time, but this time was different because I felt the future in his lips.

"You inspire me." I told him

"You keep me going" He told me

"I want this moment forever"  

We shared the same stare at that point in time, and it felt like all of the dreams from my childhood. Pure like the destiny I knew I would one day hold. The love I never knew to be real was tangible and I had it in him.

"Do you think it will last forever?" He asked

"Why would you doubt something so great?"

He smiled at me and grabbed my hand.  

We didn't utter another word. We sat there in silence. Beautiful silence. Our souls were speaking, sharing the emotions we held so deep in our hearts.

"I love you baby" He told me

"I love you too."

Posted on May 5, 2016 .

I'm Always In Love

by Zuri McWhorter


I may be insane.
Driven wild by a smile
and a repeated chord,
accompanying a metaphor


your love is a gallery,
curated perfectly
in the moonlit temple of me


we are a myth,
some concocted event
that sparks war
and tragedy
and sin

with who? I haven’t a clue.

but I love and I love very still

Posted on February 29, 2016 .

An Impressive Loss

by Zuri McWhorter


one, we embraced our freedoms

until creation

was engraved

into the foundation

of a millennium.

but now the richness,

this prevailing peace,

rests beneath grim Juniper tree;

and coincides with a subline miracle of silent


Posted on February 29, 2016 .

The Scene

by Zuri McWhorter


you’re so out of your element, that you’re neck deep
in mine


you’re at my party,
drinking my drinks,
listening to my music and causing a scene.


you are ruining this for me.


so stay in your lane,
white girl.


you ain’t really “bout it” and “down”
you don’t really fuck with me,
I’m quiet and brown-
a “stunning” blend you can’t comprehend,
and one you think you won’t see again


cuz we all just some niggas, in a room, to you.

Posted on February 29, 2016 .

Thoughts of Two

by Zuri McWhorter


my embered thoughts
with the final drops of resistance,

let the lonely shadow leak in


it echoes


in the half of me where my tame used to live
it settles and twitches, conjures misters and misses
out of Manchester moons and resonating blues,
crisis, clearance, and divine interference


no, no, I insist


sweep me deep beneath the undertow
where the mystic and listless accrue
because only when I am alone
do I think these thoughts of two

Posted on February 29, 2016 .


by Heaven Harrell

A woman, beautiful in every way but what happens when that beauty is taken away? Forced into the darkness, her smile, once as bright as a sun’s ray on a summer day, is dimmed, why? Is it because she dressed a certain way? Were her jeans too tight, did her dress fit her body just right? Does that justify what he did that night?

Posted on January 5, 2016 .


by James Kaymore

I got a shortness of breath and a pain in my chest, my bodies growing cold, I see the reaper of death, there's no-one around and the only sound is me trying to catch a breath, with my hand scratching the ground... figured I was a nigga the moment I pulled the trigger, right after i took a swig of, a forty.....

Posted on November 30, 2015 .

My Crayon

by James Kaymore

In life I am like a child, with paper and a colored crayon.
Scribbling about my work of art, 
with no ideal, about its ending or start. I pick up what I can grab, and as I drag my crayon around, there is a purpose, but no direction to be found. Yet I listen for the sound, of approval.

Posted on November 8, 2015 .

I Look!

by James Kaymore

I look for discipline in my life, in my walk, in my talk - devoid of heartache and strife.
Diligently seeking peace, joyous thoughts, happy feelings, a place to release. 
The love and kindness that has been building inside, til I have reached overflowing, and I can no longer hide.
These prosperous thoughts, uplifting emotions. Words combined with actions, my daily devotions. 
Kindness, gentleness, kisses, and hugs, mixed together with love - a real magic potion.

Posted on September 25, 2015 .