Photographer Focus: The Man Behind The Lens

By Amber Elle

David “The Electronic Owl” Booker is a 20 year old Fashion & Beauty Photographer located in the Metro-Detroit area. His work can be described as vibrant and unique. While edgy, his photos are polished with professionalism. His editorial looks and creative concepts show versatility while still remaining true to his brand. I sat down with David after working with him on a shoot to get to know the man behind the lens.

Posted on April 25, 2016 .

Ashton Woods: Producer On The Rise

by RaKala Cosley

Driven by friendship, passion, and persistence The Creative Minds Coalition (CMC) produces projects that come from the heart and define each of their experiences in their own unique way. The man behind the sound, Ashton Woods, is the culmination of all the things that this brand represents. His methods may be a little unconventional but they are extremely effective. Fresh off the release of Richy Marciano’s Nottingham Pharmacy, I sat down with the producer to learn about his foundation, inspirations, and what the future holds.

Wayne Bussey II: Student, Artist, Educator

by Paige Watkins

A student of Media Arts & Studies at Wayne State University, Wayne works to understand media & its societal impact, while also spending time creating photography and film. This week, the Archives got to sit down with the young creative to talk about how he got started and where he plans to go from here...

It's Rock City, Suckers!

by Camille Johnson

RockCity Lookbook is a fashion publication founded by Detroit-natives Blair Watts and Bree Gant. With almost 2 years under its belt, began as a way for Blair and Bree to promote Black is well on its way to becoming a permanent creative fixture in the city. Bree’s eye for photography and Blair’s eye for style blend perfectly, producing visually stunning, fashion forward images. Recently, we got to chop it up with the duo about RockCity Lookbook, fashion, community, and more. . . . 

Bree Gant: Black, Bold, & Creative

by Camille Johnson

Bree Gant is a talented young photographer from Detroit’s west side. In her 7 years shooting she’s built an amazing portfolio - capturing everything from the Selma 50th Anniversary for Girl Trek to dope Detroit style and fashion for RockCity Lookbook - and completed a residency at 555 Non-profit Gallery & Studios. Most recently, Bree’s photography series Lost&Crowned was shown for a month at Great Lakes Coffee in Midtown Detroit. Last week we got to chop it up with the powerhouse photographer.

As Far | A Short Film

by Paige Watkins

As Far is a coming-of-age story about a young girl, Nina, who is struggling to recognize her worth and potential. Surrounded by people and an environment that could easily work against her and her goals for a successful, fulfilling life, Nina must challenge herself and - with the help of her friends - fight to overcome those odds. This short film, set to premiere this summer in Detroit, is the brainchild of young Detroiter, Paige Alston, who wrote the screenplay and directed the production of the movie. The Archives got a chance to sit down with Paige and two of the cast members, Malachi & Renae, to talk in the final days of production. 

Darryl Terrell | Capturing History One Photo At A Time

by Paige Watkins

Darryl Terrell is a 23-year-old photographer from the Eastside of Detroit. As a student and community activist, he uses his photography to speak on his personal feelings along with race and the pressing issues important to our communities. Paige talked with him about his beginnings and how he sees his future.

Dennis Belton Jr. | Photographer, Media Mogul, Changemaker

by Camille Johnson

Dennis Belton is the multi-talented, creative force behind Belton Media Group -- a Detroit-based media company responsible for the branding of some of your favorite artists and brands including IBGM and Enjoy Detroit. This weekend, we sat down with Dennis to find out more about his career, his inspiration, and his passions.

Shaun Carlo | Bringing Back Classic Hip Hop

by Paige Watkins

Expressing a unique and realistic worldview through music by way of a smooth delivery, witty wordplay, and vivid imagery, Shaun Carlo has released several musical projects. He plans to continue creating honest music that stays true to the essence of Hip Hop. This week, The Archives caught up with Shaun Carlo to learn more about how he got started making music, his inspiration, and the goals he has for his art.

Posted on February 16, 2015 .