Kidz Cab


Kidz Cab provides safe and reliable children's transportation services for parents and caregivers back and forth to school and various extracurricular activities. 

We are a unique transportation service geared toward children, ages 4 years old and up, aiming to assist parents and caregivers in safely transporting their children from one place to the next. This service is for individuals who may not have the time to transport their children to various activities, or for parents who could use the added time in a different way. Kidz Cab handles all of your child's transportation needs, from school to dance class, to grandma's house and back.

Kidz Cab can also be utilized in any unplanned events that may arise.



Website: | Email: | Phone: 248-719-4885



Facebook: Kidz Cab Trips | Twitter: @kidz_cab | Instagram: @kidz_cab

Posted on October 5, 2015 and filed under Transportation.