Episode 31 - Katt Williams Got Beat Up By A 7th Grader

In this weeks episode we discuss Katt Williams' continued downward spiral and getting beat up by a 7th grader. Producer Marseille and Eric finally have their Future debate. We discuss J. Cole's place in the upper echelon and ask our listeners who their top 3 hottest rappers are. The gang laments about their childhood sports fantasies as we discuss this past weeks episode of Black-ish. And we finish off with a "This Week in White People" about Gov. Rick Snyder and the Flint Water Crisis Congressional Hearings and touch on the recent "war on drugs" revelations.

Posted on March 24, 2016 .

Episode 29 - R.I.P. Big

Brunch is this weekend! Check out the website for tickets!

In this weeks episode the crew discusses Kendrick's new album and old vs. new Wayne (4:00). We give a heartfelt dedication to the all time G.O.A.T. (11:35), briefly touch on Drumpf (15:50), Martin doesn't like the movie Notorious (17:00) and he gives a classic Ray Charles impersonation (21:50). We discuss male privilege in the Ayesha Curry vs. Kim Kardashian 'debate' (22:45), and white-female privilege as we turn to sports and Maria Sharapova in 'This Week in White People' (34:20).

Episode 28 - Drumpf not Trump

On this weeks episode we discuss The Oscars, and debate whether Chris Rock was funny and informative or offensive and coonish. We talk about the mediorcity that is 'Damn Daniel' (11:30), The BEST Black History Month EVER (12:30): Steph Curry, All Star Weekend, Beyonce, SNL, praise the ongoing aid efforts to Flint and #JusticeForFlint. For this week in white people we discuss...America and question wtf is going on with Donald Drumpf (23:00).

Posted on March 14, 2016 .

Episode 27 - Shut up Tomi!

On the final episode before Not Your Average Brunch: #NewYearNewUs Edition (tickets can be found on our website) we discuss Kanye's new album (12:28), the Grammy's (22:11), being a crazy ex, and set Tomi Lahren straight about the Black Panthers (32:25). Featuring the track WHATSRLYPOPPIN!! by King Visionary. Hope to see you all at brunch this weekend!

Posted on February 22, 2016 .

Episode 26 - Don't Take Martin To Red Lobster

This week we have special guest Chris Massey, host of the Chris Massey Show and owner of the LGNDRE clothing line. Chris talks a bit about what it means to be LGNDRE and announces the LGNDRE Mixtape Vol. 1, featuring music from 20 different artists from various genres. Check him out @chrismasseyshow.

We also discuss Kanye, and the crew gives their bizarre theories on this strange behavior. Martin talks about his recent trip to Mardi Gras and gives his own critique of Beyoncé new video, Formation, as a native of New Orleans. On This Week in White People, Camille gives a lesson of the Black Panther Party vs. KKK comparisons.

Episode 25 - Better Late Than Never

On this (last) weeks episode we discuss the pre-Superbowl Cam Newton backlash, the NBAs decision to celebrate the Chinese New Year and the importance of Black History Month. Meek is in the hot seat yet again, we discuss the Young Thug vs. Future beef, and give an endorsement in the Baltimore mayoral race. Finally...a 'This Week in White People' that nearly leaves us speechless.

Episode 23 - Impure Michigan

In this weeks episode, Eric and Camille squash the 'beef', we go in on Stacey Dash, discuss steak and blowjob day and start a new segment: This week in Twitter-fingers ft. Meek Mill. We give our opinions on the Oscars controversy and grandious celebrations of white mediocrity. Finally, we discuss the water crisis in flint, how crappy of a governor Rick Snyder is, and how our listeners can help out.

Posted on January 25, 2016 .

Episode 20 - The Phil Cosby Episode (No Relation)

Martin, Camille and Eric welcome Our Black Friend Phil Lewis (@phil_cosby_) to discuss the Bill Cosby situation and whether or not you can be justified in defending him or his actions. Is it fair to be mad at LeBron for not discussing Tamir Rice and the non-indictments from his murder by Cleveland police? Your Black Friends give their 2015 winners and losers, a list you most definitely wont want to miss.

Episode 19 - Have a Seat Over There...

We discuss the fallout from R Kelly's Huff Post Live and ask the question: At what point does someone's actions change how you react to their art? Is it better to win Miss Universe, or be the runner up that thought they won? Is Steve Harvey eating off this? Donny Bravo talks about rubbing elbows with some celebrities. With Christmas this week, we discuss some of our favorite Christmas movies and what we enjoy the most about this Christmas season. Is there a better way to say "baby momma" and "baby daddy"? Who would you have next to you for your glow up: Jay-Z, Kanye or Drake? We wrap it up with a discussion of being "celebrity" vs being a "star"... and at the end Donny Bravo describes how a convo between him and Adele would go... and he didn't know the mics were on.

Episode 18 - F*ck Tom Brady

One of Our Black Friends had a weird interaction with a guy she started talking to, so YBF breaks down how to operate early on in a relationship. Meek Mill's probation hearing didn't end well.. and his reaction got Eric and Martin looking at him differently. The crew talks about Creed **NO SPOILERS**... Martin didn't know his Soul Swipe was poppin from months ago... Camille explains the Black Twitter Debate why women take showers with super hot water and This Week in White People takes on Tom Brady relationship with Donald Trump and issues of semantics.

Episode 17

On Episode 17, talking about Bow Wow and the Dab spirals into a personal story about Eric trying to pin getting in trouble for watching porn on his older brother... who had a surprise for the family. Was Ayesha Curry taking shots and "slut shaming" or just sharing her opinion? Martin says Kobe's retirement tour is wack and doesn't get how people can love Kobe and hate LeBron. Donald Trump's comments and W. Kamau Bell's response to them highlight This Week in White People

Episode 16

On Episode 16 Martin, Eric, and Camille wonder if Rick Ross has a death wish and start down DJ Khaled's road to success. Eric is PROUD to say he wouldn't date a girl he can't buy a drink for. Camille asks for a male perspective on a question her friends had been talking about and the crew discusses side pieces in relationships. This Week in White People focuses on the mishandling of the LaQuan McDonald murder case, and the institutional racism in play.

Posted on December 28, 2015 .

Episode 14

On Episode 14 of Your Black Friends, the crew replays the wild Zola story on Twitter, Eric and Camille get heated over the police brutality at a South Carolina school (18:30), Martin goes at Eric over a "shameful" social media act (28:44), Future's plot on getting Ciara back and This Week In White People surrounding an interesting Youtube video

Posted on December 28, 2015 .

Episode 13

On Episode 13 of YBF, Martin Eric & Camille discuss The Tidal Concert, Camille claims Beyonce does drugs & Eric has interesting ideas as to why women cheat. Meek Mill still hasn't learned his lesson, and This Week in White People highlights the "boycott" of Star Wars VII..... and Jemele Hill's MSU rant on Monday had Martin and Camille fired up.

Posted on December 28, 2015 .