Love: A Conversation

He said to me "why are you so beautiful"

I said "because you love me"

He looked at me and smiled

"Everyday I love you more and everyday you get more beautiful"

"You motivate me baby. I feel power in the love I get from you"

"You do the same for me my love." He gazed away

"Are you afraid" I asked  

"Sometimes I think you're too good to be true"

"We all search for what we deserve, but seldom do we feel deserving when we receive it."

"Do you think we're soul mates" he quickly replied

"Sometimes I wonder how I lived without you. How I got through my darkest days without your love. But I think it was so I could make my way to you"

"How could we both possibly feel the same way?"

I wondered the same thing

"I don't know why I'm here with you but I know I'm supposed to"

He smiled and kissed my lips so sweetly.

Everytime we kissed it felt like the first time, but this time was different because I felt the future in his lips.

"You inspire me." I told him

"You keep me going" He told me

"I want this moment forever"  

We shared the same stare at that point in time, and it felt like all of the dreams from my childhood. Pure like the destiny I knew I would one day hold. The love I never knew to be real was tangible and I had it in him.

"Do you think it will last forever?" He asked

"Why would you doubt something so great?"

He smiled at me and grabbed my hand.  

We didn't utter another word. We sat there in silence. Beautiful silence. Our souls were speaking, sharing the emotions we held so deep in our hearts.

"I love you baby" He told me

"I love you too."

Posted on May 5, 2016 .