They Can't Hold Us Down

by Chani The Hippie


From Trayvon Martin to Tamir Rice they never treat our little black boys right.

How much longer will we have to tell them that we matter too?

When will they see that the only difference we have is that they are too blind to see we are kin?

Sandra Bland did not deserve for her mother not to know how or why she is no longer here with us.

Oh how our ancestors weep when it rains wondering why what they worked so hard to fight what remains.

The police are a tyranny terrorizing every pigment of melanin they can get their hands on ripping the confidence, self worth, courage, and love out of blackness.

It is not fair.

Oscar Grant was on his way home.

Mike Brown was in front of his home.

Aiyana Jones was in her home.

Why aren't we safe in our homes?

Bettie Jones was only opening her door.

Renisha McBride was only knocking.

Why are they so afraid of us?

They do their best to keep us cowering in fear so we never fight back but our bravery is not far behind us.

It is still in us.

We still march in the streets shouting our demands.

We still invade the polls making our voices heard.

We show up and show out every time we get and they know they can't hold us down for much longer.

They try their hardest to tell us we aren't beautiful but we share hair tutorials via internet, and wear t-shirts that point out how beautiful our blackness is and they know they can't hold us down for much longer.