I Look!

by James Kaymore

I look for discipline in my life, in my walk, in my talk - devoid of heartache and strife.
Diligently seeking peace, joyous thoughts, happy feelings, a place to release. 
The love and kindness that has been building inside, til I have reached overflowing, and I can no longer hide.
These prosperous thoughts, uplifting emotions. Words combined with actions, my daily devotions. 
Kindness, gentleness, kisses, and hugs, mixed together with love - a real magic potion.

I look for understanding, commitment and Faith, trust and hope, belief in what I say. To see and hear what is taught everyday. Light on my path, a taut and narrow way.

I look just like what I am, a descendant and blessed by the Son Of Man. But since I'm a Son of Man, I understand that you can't understand the man I am. 

I look to be seen, not by eyes but by hearts. Hearing is understanding but just listening is a start. To build relationships, that's torn apart. Just call it love, a form of an art. That was conceived from your beginning or should I say your start.

I look to listen, to see, to feel. Hear a word that is true, see something brand new. To be touched by something real. But yet I still feel that I am still real, so I must kneel, down to my Savior so that I can heal. 

I look and I've found, from the dust of the ground that rib from my side, as I scream out aloud. Or should i stand mute in the crowd. I'm just too proud. Unshackled and unbound. I look, and I found Jesus.

Posted on September 25, 2015 .