by the 2015 James & Grace Lee Boggs School Summer Interns


Freedom is to be liberated from all things. It is not only the complete emancipation from society’s standards, but also the recognition of one’s self worth.

Freedom is an feeling that you have when nothing is holding you back. The power you have inside radiates outward. It is as though the weight of the world is a light as a hair.

To be free is to be able to be your best, truest self. To be who you are without people judging you.

Freedom means that you have the power to do as you want, with few limitations. Your thoughts are not enslaved or imprisoned.

Freedom is a great thing to have in your community because it is a state of mind that frees a person from any outside negativity.

It is the belief that you can do what you want - you have freedom in your speech, religion and expression.

Freedom is the ability to travel and learn about the world with its histories and marvels. It is being able to learn your place in it.

Freedom is love - the most revolutionary kind of love that pushes you to be your most authentic self and encourages others to do the same.