The Holy Mecca

by Christopher Sean

Sometimes Detroit is everything I Love

Sometimes Detroit is everything I Hate

On a scale from Coney Island

To senseless violence

We’re not all bad

But then again

We’re not all great

That’s my mistake

At perspective glance

We are all great

Just in a congested space

Where we’re tricked into

Thinking we have to step

On our friend to get to 1st place

They fooled us once…

And I’m thinking if they fool us again

At what point do we start to feel disgraced?

Don’t have much room

On my plate for disgrace

So I got together with my friends

We created a play…

Let’s take it back to black bottom ..we said

Let’s call it Paradise Valley: THE NEW BLACK BOTTOM

Yeah that’s it…we liked that

And as we liked that

We started to Love it..a lot

We worked hard on a plot

A plot to thicken minds of color

Join together company’s of color

And while in the company of each other

Work to strike a financial flow so wide

That it reaches back to Africa

And writes a new chapter for

For all of humanity…

It all starts here

In Detroit

Posted on May 13, 2015 and filed under Creative Writing.