Steer Clear

by Zuri McWhorter

Bad behavior tempts the fragile mind

into bent shapes, paper clips, intuition

creates imbalance.


Treachery condemns it all in one clueless call. 


Keep it together

Engulf me in flames of change

around brains, engrained in DNA.


Unconscious prey,


Stay away.

Keep away.


Boisterously admit to fraud


Oh, lawd!

Mind your manners, dammit!


Believe that in the next few minutes

you’ll be different.


Imagine truth in your wanderous daydreams,

so when you wake up, you have those things.


Be an anchor for yourself

until you’re out of breath.


Craft your weapon with the elements


Cast a spell of excellence.


Synthesize an incredible,



Posted on May 13, 2015 .