Pausing to Share

by James Kaymore

Blurried echoes, silenced by visions. In plain view for any that will listen.

Memories, I once had constantly forgetting. Misconceived notions that I'm continually reminiscing. 

Feelings, that cant be touched void of real emotions. Reinacted in my daily life, burtsing with convulsions. 

Living, life abundantly, I raise up from the grave. No longer knocking at deaths door, for it has now been staved.

So I carry here in my heart, what can't be held by hands. Struggle pain hurt and defeat, is victorious in this man.

My heart bleeds as I plead, for this world to change. To use our gifts, and our strength, to break these mental chains.

Racism, hate murder theft, oh so much to blame.

Politics, sports, and entertainment searching for some fame.

Cops killing, blood spilling, young dying, the dead living. Truths concealing, only wrongs are revealing.

Drug injecting, sex infecting, nothing positive is expected, kids neglected, and everyone is affected.

Im a shadow, with no sun, the hollowed bullet in the gun, the sticks that beats the drummers drum. The fingers that makes the guitar strum. The legs that makes the runner run, but there is no shadow if there is no Son.

Father, & Holy Ghost, all praises to my heavenly host. Alpha Omega First and last He who is the Most.........High

I pause to share and I thank you

In Jesus name

James Kaymore Jr.

Posted on May 13, 2015 .