Brightmo' Prince

by Zuri McWhorter

Roll in the birthday cake!

For on this day,

For a thousand years,

In a thousand ways.

Nothing has changed.


“They will never accept your black ass”


We’ve heard it, we’ve learned it

All they really want is


A quiet


Present but timid

Never saying more than what is needed


            I mean, “black man”

An educated



Almost brilliant

Single, with no bastard children


            I mean, “black man”


That’s their black man.

But what about my black man?


My black man is nappy

My black man gritty

My black man is happy

My black man is busy

He’s making a family

He’s feeding my soul

He’s teaching me love

He’s taken control

He’s my waltzing stupor

My cloud 9

My open heart,

My endless time


Please, don’t break my black man.

Posted on May 13, 2015 .