Between Black and Right

by James Kaymore

Since conception, we have been told, that our color is bad.

Been told lies of the things that has been done in the past.

Stripped of ourt heritage, robbed of creations,

blinded by inequities, strained in relations.

Like murder, and deceit, is colored in black.

While civilizations, were born on the`strength of our backs.

They say color is blind, all accept mine,

for when you eyes are closed its black everytime.

Some say its in my min, im reaching for a rhyme,

Well here's a few examples, maybe this will change your mind.

You will turn and walk away, if it crosses your tracks.

Synonymous, with evil and witches, bad luck in black cats

Underhanded, conniving, tricking you for money, storys some tale.

That this is the connection in the word blakmail.

Everything that is bad, stolen or cheap,

is attached to the word that my skin keeps.

mathematics, architecture, chemistry, and many creations.

In every country of the world every city every nation.

Music and dance, from Nigeria to France.

Every place on the planet is original man.

BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL every day and every night.

For there is no difference between BLACK AND RIGHT.

Posted on May 13, 2015 .