The Addicted

by Apryl Bantom

Man walking with sickness in his blood
talking to the wingless beings
no one sees but him.
Existing between worlds.


misunderstood, nonsense
floats from his tongue in twisted fairy tales.
Mingling with daydreams
sitting in the sun
 seeping out the distinguished marks
 everyone’s eyes look upon odiously
 failing to see the human underneath.
Dependent on believing this is the only way to live
reality has been vengefully.
Its abandonment felt,
he prefers to escape to the secret corners of his mind
where all is well.
But, in due time his good vibes surely fade
as he nears his hell. Thinking of the sweet release death will bring.
Once again all alone the tip
of the wasp finds its way to a vein releasing its venom.


And he’s off among the stars to find a new place to call home.

Posted on December 6, 2015 .