by James Kaymore


Figured I was a nigga, the moment I pulled the trigger. Or after I took a swig of, a forty and my agenda. 
Switched and became distorted, maybe momma should've aborted, or dad put on a condom then flushed me down the toilet.
So now I'll blame them, for the pistol that's in my hand, for failing me in life and killing this man. This all a part of a plan.
Wait maybe I'll blame the system, and somehow become the victim, have people feeling sorry for me, yeah maybe that a get em.
I can try to deny it, wipe off the prints, remove evidence and just hide it. Im undecided, on a alibi, should I try would they buy it.
Man can't they see, it was either him or me, and I didnt want to die, and I didn't start this beef.
Now his life is complete, laying dead in these streets, I'm a little confused cause he sorta looks like me.
I got a shortness of breath and a pain in my chest, my bodies growing cold, I see the reaper of death, there's no-one around and the only sound is me trying to catch a breath, with my hand scratching the ground... figured I was a nigga the moment I pulled the trigger, right after i took a swig of, a forty.....
And put a end to the agenda...
Stop killing yourself

Posted on November 30, 2015 .