Maul Davis & The Alexander Technique

by Mariel Watkins

“Relax. Relate. Release.”
— Maul Davis

“The Alexander Technique eludes precise definition because it involves a new experience – the experience of gradually freeing oneself from the domination of fixed habits.”

When we think of health and wellness, it is important to consider our health mentally and spiritually, in addition to the physical. The Alexander Massage Technique encompasses all three of these facets by reshaping the mental and engaging the spiritual in order to reposition the physical through various massages, stretching, and modifying our everyday movement habits.  Those who most often benefit from the implementation of the Alexander Technique are usually people who suffer from pain due to stress, injury or depression, as well as those training in the performing arts or who take part in other forms of physical exertion. It is a technique practiced all over the world, and Maul Davis, a native Detroiter, is a Alexander Technique specialist.

Maul Davis is a native Detroiter and graduate of Cass Technical High School. After graduation, Maul moved to New Jersey to attend Rutgers University New Brunswick. There he completed a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts with a concentration in Liberal Studies and British Culture. It was during his time at Rutgers that Maul studied the Alexander Technique in London, England.

Maul currently works in the New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia area providing Alexander Technique to professional athletes in the NFL and NBA, college athletes of all sports, and many other clients. He is trained in massage therapy - including deep tissue, aroma, Swedish, reflexology, prenatal, and sports massage, in addition to his specialization in the Alexander Massage Technique. “It is the best massage, focusing on building better body posture one vertebrae at a time as it enhances physical performance.”

When a Black Bottom team member was able to received an Alexander Massage from Mau she found that it was effective in relieving her of her pain and made her more aware of the awy she sat and moved with her body. “There was definitely an immediate increase in consciousness of my posture, and I was relieved of tension in my shoulder.”

If yoga, saunas, or other massage techniques have not given you the results that you’ve wanted, or you’re looking for something new, we would definitely recommend the Alexander Massage Technique.

If you're ever in the New Jersey area, book an appointment with Maul here. As a traveling masseuse, he's willing to travel to his clients and makes frequent trips back to Detroit! There are also other Alexander Technique specialists in the Metro-Detroit area