5 Ways to Add Chia Seeds to Your Daily Diet!

Chia seeds are, to say the least, a superfood. In the book, Emerging Bioresources with Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Prospects, Seema Patel discusses the myriad of health benefits packed into this tiny seed. Not only do chia seeds offer heart and liver protection, they are packed with protein for those of us that appreciate muscle mass and want to improve our physical endurance. These super seeds are packed with fiber, adding a digestive benefit, and best of all, they're so easy to incorporate into your everyday diet. Check out 5 ways you can incorporate chia seeds into your diet below!

1. Sprinkle some in a smoothie. Chia seeds are a great addition to any fruit and vegetable smoothie, and you won't even be able to taste them.

2. Mix some into your salad dressing. Mix some chia seeds with some extra virgin olive oil, lemon, balsamic vinegar, basil, and pepper.

3. Infuse them with your citrus infused water. Next time you cut up your fruit and soak it in your water bottle over night, add some chia seeds and enjoy the benefits of a superfood in your water.

4. Add them to your breakfast. Next time you make oatmeal, gluten-free pancakes, an omelette, or have a bowl of cereal, throw some chia seeds in the bowl. Add some flax while you're at it.

5. Simply buy products with chia seeds at the grocery store. Udi's has a great gluten-free bread with chia seeds.

Posted on July 14, 2015 .