Natural Antibiotics - Foods To Heal Yourself

Studies have shown that the use of antibiotics can disrupt the natural gut flora in our bodies which in turn can lead to antibiotic resistance. Antibiotics on prescription from your physician have been ‘the norm’ since the 1940s. Did you know that you can go a long way to helping yourself by eating certain foods? There are natural antibiotics found in our foods that can help common ailments such as indigestion and inflammation of the skin for example. These act as alternatives to prescription antibiotics and let people take charge of their own health.

Ginger can help people who have indigestion issues. How does ginger help? It increases a person’s stomach acid and this in turn can calm indigestion. The other reason ginger is helpful is that it fights against food borne pathogens an example of which is salmonella. What about the common cold? Look to the herbal remedy Echinacea. It assists with stimulating the immune system to fight off any flu-like symptoms. For more fascinating facts about the natural antibiotics that can be found in our foods, have a look at this infographic produced by