Black Bottom Book Club

Black Bottom Book Club is an e-book club, started by Black Bottom, LLC. Our book club focuses on Black literature and celebrates the work of Black authors. We created this book club to serve as an educational tool for ourselves and our community; cultivating our knowledge of Black history and Blackness in America, and instilling an increased feeling of Black pride and Black power amongst our brothers and sisters. It is our hope that the dialogue and discussions that stem from our book club’s e-meetings and posts will increase our collective knowledge and unify our community around strong messages and representations of Blackness.

We will have monthly e-meetings on twitter, moderated on our twitter page @_blackbottom, by Philip Lewis (@Phil_Cosby_) and Sarah Johnson (@sarah_smileee). In addition, we will post discussion questions and short opinion pieces each month, that tackle topics and themes touched on in the books we read, in order to prompt further discussion and thought provocation.

Thank you for joining Black Bottom Book Club. Knowledge is power and we’re excited to expand our knowledge with you!

With Love,

Black Bottom

Posted on January 30, 2015 .