What It Means To Be 'Pro-Hoe'

Hoeism as defined by Urban Dictionary is to posses and celebrate the characteristics of a hoe. Traditionally a hoe is someone, usually a woman, who sleeps with anyone and does anything when it comes to sex. The word hoe is always being used to describe women in a demeaning manner, but lately I have seen women use the word to empower themselves.

All over Twitter and Instagram I see the term "pro-hoe" being used and it has made me wonder what does that even mean? Most of the people I see using it are intersectional feminists who will argue you to your grave about how women can do whatever they want. Does "pro-hoe" have anything to do with feminism?


As a feminist I have often been met with debate and people saying "women can't do that," especially when it comes to sex. It's taboo for women to enjoy sex, talk about sex, brag about sex, or initiate sex. Many women, or hoes as they are often called, have been defying the old way of things and are embracing being a "hoe". Being a hoe may be a bad thing to most people, but the "pro-hoe" movement thinks it's just fine.

It reminds me of how a lot of black people use the word "nigga". When you hear "nigger" from some people you know that they mean something malicious and nasty from it, but when you hear a black person use it you know it's a term of endearment. These "hoes" are doing the same thing and using the word before anyone else has the chance. How can being called a hoe hurt your feelings if you're a proud hoe?

There are leaders in the pro-hoe movement like Passport Cutty, Amber Rose, Cardi B and more goddesses who love to share their adventures of being a "hoe" and how they don't care what anyone thinks about it. Even with the backlash of being dogged out for making the choices they want when it comes to men and sex, they stand tall and often laugh in the face of those who hate on them.

The "pro-hoe" movement is one I am excited to see grow; maybe because I'm a proud hoe myself, making my own shameless decisions when it comes to sex, or maybe because I love to see women empower themselves. Either way it goes proud hoes everywhere are taking a derogatory term and making it a badge of honor.