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At Black Bottom Archives we love food, but the only thing we love more than food is sharing our favorite recipes, restaurants, tips, and tricks with our readers. Meet the awesome team that keeps our food blog running!


Arielle Forbes

Arielle Forbes

Arielle Forbes was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida into an immigrant family. She was schooled both internationally and domestically in Florida and the Metro Detroit area. While she will always claim South Florida as her hometown, the Metro Detroit area will always have a special place in her heart. Arielle credits her undergraduate tenure at the University of Michigan for shaping her views on the world we live in and the ideology of being Black and conscious in society. After obtaining her BS in Brain, Behavior and Cognitive Sciences and a minor in Gender and Health, she went on an international excursion where she gained an even larger appreciation for the world after being exposed to various different cultures. 

Arielle is currently a doctor of dental medicine candidate at the University of Pittsburgh. She is dedicated to impacting the lives of those in the Pittsburgh community through mentorship and service. During her short time there, Arielle has implemented initiatives for increasing awareness in respecting diversity and its importance in the health professions. A foodie by nature, wine aficionado by choice and a globetrotter by birth, she is here to provide you with all your food, wine and travel tip needs. 


Gerrae Cotton

Gerrae Cotton

Engineer, world traveler, and food enthusiast describes the lifestyle of food blogger Gerrae Cotton. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor and a proud Detroit resident now known as the Bougie Foodie.

Her international pallet has critiqued restaurants from London, Muscat, and Toronto to name a few. However, this self proclaimed foodie specializes in the unique and growing cuisine scene of the Metro Detroit area. She has visited dozens of establishments in search for the best food, drinks, and happy hours in Detroit to raise your odds of having a great dining experience.

Follow her on Instagram @bougiefoodie and hop on board the Bougie Foodie train as Gerrae tests out new places each week.


Chelsea Jenkins was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and although she has since moved away, hunger is one of the many facets that keep her coming back. The hunger for change, hunger for progress, and, of course, hunger for food.

Chelsea Jenkins

Chelsea Jenkins

She is the creator of Gluten Free Soldiers, and has a passion for creating and sharing culinary delights with an emphasis on health. Six years ago Chelsea was diagnosed with a severe gluten allergy. This led her to become an avid cook, always researching cooking techniques that fit her new diet. As food allergies become increasingly prominent, she has proved dedicated to helping others like her find the best choices for a clear mind and sound body in the medium of sustention and delectability. Beyond the pure satisfaction that comes from good food, she appreciates what food represents. Food keeps us going and brings togetherness, as some of the best times are had around food.

Chelsea tries to give back to the youth of Detroit by serving on the Board of Trustees for the Debutante Club and Girls Are It, which provide development and investment in the futures of young girls.

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