Review | Our/Detroit

Gerrae Cotton | Bougie Foodie

March is Women’s History Month so I decided to feature Our Detroit Vodka, an all-female owned vodka micro distillery located on the border of Mexican town. We’ve all had our bad days with vodka back in college but Our Detroit isn’t your average cheap rubbing alcohol flavored vodka.  Our Detroit distills their vodka in-house and transforms it into boldly flavored cocktails.  They use real fruit and herbs to create out-of-the-box beverages.  A cocktail from Our Detroit will change your perception about vodka. The ever changing vibe due to seasonal drinks and artwork makes this place fun and exciting each and every time you go.  I had the Rexican (ginger beer with jalapeno simple syrup, lime and Our Detroit vodka).  It was spicy yet refreshing. I always love to snack while drinking, but unfortunately there is no kitchen at Our Detroit.  Luckily, Our Detroit is in walking distance to your favorite restaurants in Mexican Town. Bottles are sold in 350mL resealable pints for $16.99.  

HAPPY HOURS: Monday - Friday | 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

SPECIALS: $2 off all drinks (drinks originally priced $7-$10)

ADDRESS: 3545 Bagley St., Detroit, MI 48216

PHONE: 313-656-4610