Review | Johnny Noodle King

Gerrae Cotton | Bougie Foodie

On a cold windy evening, I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity for me to grab some carryout and snuggle under my comforter. So I decided to grab food close to my home in Corktown.  I went into Johnny Noodle King to grab a carryout so I can quickly get into my PJs and under the cover but the atmosphere was inviting so I decided to stay. I sat at an open bar seat that faced the chefs as they whipped up bowls of their Japanese inspired noodles.  Ramen is becoming a popular trend and this little restaurant formerly known as Johnny’s Ham King is hitting the nail on the nose.

Now this isn’t your normal Ramen that we cooked in microwaves in college.  The variety of exotic fresh veggies immersed in a zesty broth transforms the Ramen from what we thought was a basic meal into a fancy meal. The service was great and the waitress quickly addressed me and served me water.  I ordered the Kimchi which included chicken, egg, nori, scallions, roasted garlic paste, kimchi, kamaboko, black garlic oil, pickled carrot, and sesame seed.  The ramen noodles were al dente which is standard but I prefer my noodles to be a bit softer.  The chicken, although submerged in very thick flavorful sauce, still had a crispy layer of skin.  I enjoyed the complexity of each bite. The dish was perfectly balanced; not too sweet and not two spicy.  I’d love to try the others one day! 

ADDRESS: 2601 W Fort St, Detroit, MI 48216

PHONE: (313) 309-7946