Review | The Block

by Daisha Hill

Yesterday, I went to The Block for brunch with some of my Sorors. I say brunch only cause we were drinking before 5pm, they don't have a brunch menu. :)

I was able to get a groupon for $18 for up to $35 worth of food. As an appetizer, I got the shotgun shrimp! It was EVERYTHING. The shrimp are a decent size, battered with this sweet chili sauce on it. It was sooooooo good and enough to share!! I'm super indecisive, so I asked our waiter, Van what he would recommend. He told me that everything on the menu was good, but the best seller is the The Block Alfredo Mac & Cheese. I was kinda leery to order this dish because I don't like eating pasta because it is so heavy; however, I am glad I ordered it. It was very creamy and cheesy with BACON bits in it. I know mac and cheese at restaurants can be hit or miss but The Block fasho doesn't disappoint.  It is a large order of food as the entree but they also have it as a side. I should have ordered the side because I couldn't finish the entree. The Mac & Cheese was $14, which I thought was a bit pricey; however, you can tell that they make it with quality ingredients and the size is huge!

Our waiter, Van was very accommodating, he was able to answer all our questions and did everything to make sure we were happy, including serving us mimosas even though they weren't technically on the menu.  :) Ambiance is cool, they have like old school R&B playing. It is a bit drafty in there though, not sure if it was only in the area we were in (because we were close to the door) or not. Either way, if you get cold easily, take a jacket! The food and service is phenomenal and to top it all this is a BLACK OWNED BUSINESS! They also have a really good happy hour, can't wait to go back and check it out!