Shaun Carlo | Bringing Back Classic Hip Hop

by Paige Watkins

"Art should inspire people."

Shaun Carlo was raised on Detroit's West side. Although he has only been doing music for a few years, he has always been a writer and artist.  Expressing a unique and realistic worldview through music by way of a smooth delivery, witty wordplay, and vivid imagery, Shaun Carlo has released several musical projects. He plans to continue creating honest music that stays true to the essence of Hip Hop. This week, The Archives caught up with Shaun Carlo to learn more about how he got started making music, his inspiration, and the goals he has for his art.

With the encouragement and constructive criticism of my team, I was able to develop as an artist, and build an even deeper love, passion and appreciation for music…like I’ve never known before.

Shaun Carlo is an artist, student, creator, progressive thinker and family man. Born in Detroit, he has spent his life living predominately in the Linwood/Davison area. Despite being raised in the city, Shaun Carlo has been able to experience life outside of Detroit through travel - affording him the opportunity to experience different cultures and alternate environments. 

Shaun Carlo has been doing music for about four years. Although he has always enjoyed listening to music, Shaun Carlo began his artistic expression through writing short stories, essays and poetry. When his team, BGK, purchased a $70 USB microphone and headphone set, he recorded his first song. Within the next year, he went on to record about 50 songs in his college apartment using that very microphone set.   

“It’s a lot of work to be done out there… I’m just trying to knock em all out one small goal at a time.”


Noticing the ways that Hip Hop has changed, Shaun Carlo hopes that the essence of his music captures its classical glory. Using his influence and his voice to shape the world for the better, he aims to make art that can do good and hopes to create music to which people in the world can connect. But, making the world better through his music is not the only way Shaun Carlo plans to contribute to his community. He has a passion for wellness and fitness and plans to develop the community service ideas he has in that area. As a native resident, Shaun Carlo recognizes that Detroit is undergoing a change and he wants to be a major player in the current revitalization of the city. One step at a time, Shaun Carlo will do what it to accomplish his goals for himself, his music and his community. 

Shaun Carlo is fueled by his determination to work for himself on his music full-time as well as the reality that his childhood dreams are coming true.  It is that motivation that inspires him and continues to keep him pushing towards his goals for himself and his music.

"What kind of song I make depends on how I feel."

Listening to Shaun Carlo’s music, you will hear about…life. He is liable to create music about racial inequality, college life, criminal activity and being friend-zoned.  Above all, Shaun Carlo wants his music to resonate with people, and he strives to make it as enjoyable as possible. His latest project, Freedom Town, is a great example of the entertaining, thoughtful music that he creates. Download that tape on Hot New Hip Hop, and visit BGK's website to check out the rest of his creative projects.

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Posted on February 16, 2015 .