Adonnica 'Notez' Moore | Born To Create

by Paige Watkins

When you really become in tune with who you are - your likes and dislikes, your purpose in life - everything will fall into place.


Adonnica 'Notez' Moore is a Detroit born and bred photographer, from the west side of the city. She has spent her entire life behind the camera, first finding herself behind the lens at age 3. This weekend we sat down with her to hear her story.

Notez was born to be an artist

"Many people ask me what got me started in photography and I always tell them that this is a natural gift I was born into. My whole family is very artistic in their own way. My dad is an amazing artist, my mom's passion for theatre arts still runs through her veins, and my little sister loves dance -- be on the look out for her as well! But yeah, photography is just what happened to be my thing."

She draws inspiration from the outside world and from within

"There are many things that inspire me, and it's never the same things. I'm mainly inspired by music, love, traveling, tattoos, and close friends that are just as passionate about their crafts as I am. I love what I do. This isn't just something that can be taken lightly - at least not for me. Things like the sky, the sun, the way a city's skyscrapers are placed and designed - all these things inspire me. 

l'm also inspired by myself, by my own power. Knowing how capable I am of turning my goals and dreams into reality keeps me going. I don't believe that you follow your dreams - you lead them."

As she grows and evolves, Notez hopes to inspire her peers and her city

"I really hope that I'm continuing to inspire my Detroit people. Being a true Detroit native, I know how it is to just want a taste of success. Now that I'm starting to become more involved and really going after what I want, I hope that my city is getting nothing but inspiration. It's possible for us to do anything we put our mind to! I relocated from Detroit to Florida and as I show people here my work, I hear nothing but great things! People are inspired by me."

What does the future hold for Notez?

"Right now I'm building my brand. So far the results have been great! When you really become in tune with who you are - your likes and dislikes, your purpose in life - everything will fall into place. There are a lot of things I plan to do this year with my photography and outside of photography, in order to build my brand.

I love doing high fashion photography! Give me 2-3 years and I will be shooting for Elle, Vogue, and Harper's Bazaar. I also love doing urban photography, behind the scenes videos, concert photography, and anything based around music. This year I'm working on expanding my street photography portfolio as well. The moment I'm in right now is setting the stage for everything I seek to accomplish in the future - I'm just trying to pace myself and make sure I set the stage perfectly." 

A note of advice for her artistic peers

"Remember that in this industry (music, dance, photography, hosting, whichever artistic lane you find yourself in) you have to stay humble. I can't stress it enough. Remember to remain humble, stay humble, and like one of my close business partners and friend says - stay Good. As long as you do that, nothing is impossible."