New Year, New Music: Malinda LeBeau Artist on the Rise

Credit:  Jermme

Credit: Jermme

Singer/Songwriter Malinda LeBeau has been singing since she was 3 years old. But it wasn’t until four short years ago that LeBeau decided to take her talent more seriously as a possible career path.

Credit:  Jermme

Credit: Jermme

“I just started writing music in my dorm, and I just thought ‘wow these records really sound good’ I would sing in my dorm room, and sing to my roommate, it was a thing! So the summer after my freshman year I met my first manager and it just got started from there.”

Although LeBeau was only with her manager for a year, she was able to network and meet producers such as Paul Carr with Slave Angel Music and Jeffrey Tessler. Tessler helped LeBeau find her sound and shed some light on what music is all about.

LeBeau has redefined her own sound, which she calls “hybrid.” By her definition, hybrid is a wave of melodies inspired by all forms of music that consumes and challenges your ear.

LeBeau’s unique sound and “simultaneous love” for singing and songwriting can now be heard on her first solo project Loud Love. LeBeau has written and co- produced the EP with Paul Carr. Released back in February of 2015, popular tracks like "Miss You So Much," "Ariel's Verse," and title track, "Loud Love," can be heard on the EP.  Over the past summer LeBeau has performed at the Enspired Fashion Show at University of Michigan, Howard University, and several music showcases around Detroit.

At only twenty two years old, the opportunities for LeBeau keep rolling in. Recently Lebeau has been given the opportunity to write a song for Peace Jam, a foundation where Nobel Peace Laureates mentor youth with the goal to change the world.

“I appreciate the career path I’ve chosen is going to afford me a lot of finance, but it’s not about the money it’s really about making great music.”

LeBeau also has a few writing opportunities currently underway, writing for big names like Kelly Rowland and Trey Songz. She is working with Grammy nominated producer Ace Harris, Desmond South, and Producer Khari ‘Needlz’ Cain where she’ll be writing three tracks for Rihanna.

“Just being able to be the vessel for the music I do make is super satisfying.”

In five years LeBeau is hoping to have an established music career, and she is also looking forward to experimenting with film and dance.

Credit:  Jermme

Credit: Jermme

“I plan on having a very populated discography, I want to have hits on Rihanna, on Beyonce, I really want to work with Jo Jo, Partynextdoor, and Drake. I want to dip into film and dance. I just want to see if I can choreograph a number for an artist so I can have that stamp.”

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Posted on January 7, 2016 .