Detroit Summers: 6 Places You Must Visit

By Chani The Hippie

Detroit has always been an interesting place to be. It's full of music, art, fashion, and sights to see like any other city, but most of it has been created by the people when they had nothing else. Recently the city is in the process of being revitalized, and it has only added to the repertoire it already had laid out. Here is a list of some great places to visit during your Detroit Summer.

6. The Heidelberg Project

The Heidelberg Project was created in 1986 by Tyree Gutton and his grandfather in an eastside neighborhood. It is a contemporary outdoor art project full of trippy, intriguing, and socially conscious art. Located at 3600 Heidelberg and spread all around a 3-4 block radius you are sure to see some amazing pieces. You might even catch Tyree out there working on some new stuff.

5. Dabl's African Bead Museum

Right on the corner of West Grand Blvd and Grand River you will see a few buildings covered in mirrors and lots of color. You have found a small treasure in the city. Dabl's African Bead Museum is home to a sculpture garden, and African language wall, a bead gallery, and tons of knowledge. This is a must see place.

4. Dequindre Cut

An urban recreation path manned by the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, the Dequindre Cut is an awesome place to ride your bike, take a jog, or just walk around and take pictures. It stretches from St. Aubin to the Riverfront. There is tons of cool graffiti art along the path and you'll always see some smiling faces walking along with you.

3. The Baltimore Gallery

Home to a lot of Detroit's underground art this gallery has seen many people walk through it's doors like Detroit Che, Jessica Care Moore, Early Mac, 40oz Van, and more. Located at 314 E Baltimore this place is home to two shops, tons of visual art, performance art, and memories for so many.

2. Belle Isle

Now you cannot have a proper Detroit Summer without visiting Belle Isle. Located on Jefferson in the middle of the Detroit River, you have to go down the giant slide, have a family picnic, and blast local rapper's music as you circle it. Belle Isle is home to a zoo, a conservatory, a beach, a few museums, and tons of wildlife. There is something for everyone to do and there's no way you won't have a good time.

1. The Detroit Historical Museum

Right on 5401 Woodward, this FREE museum will teach you so many things about the city you never knew. You will learn who every mover and shaker from here is, what companies started here, and you might even find some of your favorite places in the photos. You will be delighted by "Old Detroit" located on the basement floor and all of the cool vintage Detroit stuff in the gift shop.


Posted on June 27, 2016 .